Paddling the Moose River With Rabbi Shefa Gold

canoe up stream 2

Imagine yourself surrounded by pristine wilderness with the soothing sounds of a gently flowing stream, the haunting calls of a mother loon to her chicks and harmonizing with Rabbi Shefa Gold.  This summer you have this opportunity.  The week following the 2013 ALEPH Kallah, Reb Shefa and Reb Howard Cohen  , the owner and senior guide for Burning Bush Adventures (BBA), are teaming up to offer an extraordinary five days of gentle canoeing down Maine’s Moose Bow River and connecting with the Divine through earth, wind, fire and air.

Reb Shefa’s insightful Torah teachings and moving music are well known and loved.  This trip offers you the opportunity to spend quality, intimate time learning with and from her.  Reb Howard with over twenty years of combining Judaism with wilderness travel also brings a wealth of knowledge to share with you.  Perhaps more importantly, both Reb Shefa and Reb Howard have exceptional skills using Jewish wisdom and the natural world to help others access truths and insights hidden within them.

Each day will be divided between learning from Reb Shefa and Reb Howard and paddling to a new campsite.  While not a rigorous trip, this is nonetheless a wilderness experience.  This means no electricity.  The only running water is that in the river.  Bathroom facilities are primitive but the views are great!

Participants will sleep in good tents on sleeping pads in warm sleeping bags.  (The tents will keep you dry if it rains at night, promise.)  Meals are cooked over wood fires or camping stoves.  The food will be vegetarian and kosher.  It will also be delicious because food cooked over a campfire always tastes better!

You do not need to be an athlete or particularly fit to enjoy this trip. You just need to be prepared for what you will encounter.  The river generally has a gentle current. There are a couple of sporty spots and three places canoes are carried around rapids.  The first time Reb Howard paddled this river he did it with his three children who were 11, 9 and 7.  The trip is rain or shine.

The Moose Bow River, located in Jackman, Maine is aptly named.  Travelers always seen moose on this river. BBA will assist with transportation from Portland Maine if necessary, and  provides all of the camping equipment.  You only need to bring your personal clothing, and BBA can loan clothing too if you do not have proper clothing.  A clothing list is provided.  The dates of the trip are July 10 – 14.  But you must be there by Tuesday, July 9, in the evening.  The cost of this extraordinary experience is 1000.00.  To register contact Reb Howard at or call 413-652-7086 or go to

A fine way to close out your trip east for Kallah!