Yichidut: Private Sessions with Reb Zalman

zalman face

“Only by the amazing graces of God, which the tzaddik draws down from the upper worlds to this world, and the sincere stirring from below, is it possible to counsel. In working with people to bring them to themselves, one must work at a great depth, a depth scarcely imaginable.”  -Reb Nachman of Bratzlav

Meeting panim el panim, face to face, with remarkable teachers, is a time honored path in Hassidic and many other traditions. ALEPH is pleased and honored to offer private individual sessions – yichidut -with Reb Zalman, to support the spiritual and personal growth of our members, to support the work of Reb Zalman and to grow the Jewish Renewal movement.

ALEPH has an online kvittel, or petition, which asks for the seeker’s name and contact information and collects a pledge of the traditional pidyon nefesh, literally “soul’s ransom,” a monetary contribution to support a rebbe’s work and causes. Once the kvittel has been received, Reb Zalman’s office will contact you to schedule a session at a mutually agreeable time.

Yechidut sessions may be 15 or 30 minutes in length and can be done either by Skype® or by phone. To conserve Reb Zalman’s energy, there are only a few slots available each week. The suggested contribution is $120 – $360. There are a few slots reserved each month for those of more limited means. Reb Zalman will not know the amount of your contribution. Respecting Rab Zalman’s energy, and to ensure that you receive his full attention,  Reb Zalman reserves the necessity of being able to postpone or reschedule on short notice.

Take advantage of this wonderful, intimate opportunity to bring your questions and request directly to Reb Zalman, – panim el panim– by clicking here.