Power of Connection

MP900438625 by Chava Gal-Or

As I was walking this morning, I was amazed at the power of connection.  Walking on the pebbles and stones of my beloved new city, Tucson, I found myself feeling grounded in a way I have not experienced in years.  I love the land here; I love hiking, walking, and being.  I find myself taking long walks nearly every day and chanting or davening (both similar experiences for me).  With each step, I feel blessed by the continued connections that exist within the Kol Zimra Alumni and the Davening Leadership Training Institute a groups that I was honored to experience.   So many of my chevre (friends) share unselfishly and are role models for walking through life.  They are truly a blessing.  My foundation has strengthened and blossomed because of each and every one of these people.

Many mornings, I wake up to beautiful emails from our groups listserves sharing what people are doing in their lives as both leaders and human beings. Each letter follows beautiful words of blessings, encouragement, and support.   Watching how we support one another and help each of us to propel forward is amazing.  Knowledge is shared; prayers are offered; and insight flows seamlessly. Holy Wow!

The holy containers that were created by our teachers and their assistants along with each of our fellow learners is remarkable in every way.  The love that I watch when one of us is feeling blessed or challenged touches me deeply.  I find myself wanting to thank each of my fellow students and our teachers for being the human beings that they are. We came together for Kol Zimra Chant Leadership Training and Davening Leadership Training, but we also created a community of beloved friends.

Chava Gal-Or is a mother, a writer, a Youth Education Director, an ALEPH Volunteer for our news releases, and graduate of Kol Zimra 3 and Davening Leadership Training Institute 6.