Announcing a New Course In Eco-Judaism

Is Judaism the result of an environmental imperative?

Is the Torah responsible for today’s environmental and ecological challenges?

What would you say if I told you that the Torah is a mandala made of words – her most central purpose being to teach us about sustainability?


If you are interested in how the Torah engages environmental and ecological issues both then and now – if you want to be on the cutting edge of this learning and work – and have a bunch of fun – you are invited to take a course with Rabbi Elisheva Brenner.  Rabbi Elisheva  (ALEPH) is a founder and Executive Director of the Center for Eco-Judaism, located on the 415 acre ranch/farm/teaching center she owns with her husband, Rabbi Hersh Saunders.  The most comprehensive program, Eco-Judaism: An Old/New Paradigm is now being offered through Ruach Ha’Aretz for credit in the ALEPH Ordination Program.

Hear what Reb Zalman has to say about this program: “This course builds on my earlier work, and on the work done by Reb Arthur and others, but goes much further. I not only recommend this course, but I believe that it is essential for one who aspires to be a spiritual leader today. Reb Elisheva has gathered the sources and will present the information with clarity and train the participants in the skills the course imparts.”

For a complete list of courses offered by Rabbi Elisheva, and Rabbi Hersh, see the Center’s website at